Why use social media? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell
Seth Godin

Our Full Range of Services

Website Design Service enhance our social media offering
Our website design service offers you a full consultation of your needs and preferences, along with an audit of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors' websites.
We aim to ensure that you get a website that works effectively in terms of design, content and functionality, including managing the SEO aspects of your site. It will be fully mobile responsive and optimised for lead generation. 
We will work up a range of initial design options for you to choose from. Then we will work closely with you at every stage to ensure that each element of your new website reflects your company brand, positioning, strengths and achievements.
As part of the ongoing management of your site (which is entirely optional), we will provide regular reports about traffic and activity on your site. All reports are fully customisable to your individual requirements.

We will then work with you to ensure that together we are driving traffic to your website and that it's proving effective for you.
A brand new site starts from just £250​, depending on requirements
We can build a fresh, modern website with all of the features that you would need to convert your leads to online sales 
Training programmes available include:
General principles of social media marketing
How effective businesses undertake social media marketing
Strengths and opportunities of each platform
How to devise your content strategy
Social media etiquette
How to create effective content and optimise it for each platform
How to develop and deliver a content plan 
How to generate engaging content from stories within the business
How to create a meaningful dashboard
How to measure your effectiveness
Which insights to use and which to ignore
Issue Resolution
How to respond to feedback when someone comments or praises
What process to follow when someone complains
How to get the most out of and end all dialogues effectively
Getting Started
How to set up a Facebook business page, Twitter account, etc
How to manage and monitor your activity
What a social media manager needs to do regularly
Individual training sessions start from just £150​
We can build a training programme that specifically addresses your particular skill gaps, on a one-to-one basis or for group training across a range of needs
We will work with you to understand the vision, objectives and strengths of your business to develop a strategic proposal based on your needs.
We'll begin with an initial audit of current activity and deep-dive into the analytics to find out what elements are working well and which areas are underperforming, and the contributing factors to these issues. 
We'll also assess the current capabilities of your team if required and identify development areas and deliver appropriate training.
Consultancy services start from £250, and the initial consultation is without any obligation​
Consultancy focused on delivering your business objectives effectively
If you're really not sure where to start or just want a bit of short-term support to get up-to-speed, this is a great way to get friendly and jargon-free help.  
For a one month period, we'll get you set up and running on any of the below platforms that you wish to have a comprehensive presence on:
  • Set up or review your business Facebook Page to ensure you are classified correctly and using the right features
  • Check for Facebook places or pages that need merging into your page and report/take action on your behalf
  • Agree your strategy, including a content strategy
  • Update your cover and profile images as necessary 
  • Start posting on your behalf to get content up and running
  • Use your database to encourage customers to 'like' your page
  • Run a 'Like' promotion to gain targeted new fans to your business
  • Explain how and when to drive traffic to your website
  • Ensure you are set up correctly for notifications about your page activity 
  • Set up an account for you or review your existing account, including auditing who you are following and your followers
  • Update your cover and profile images as necessary 
  • Agree your strategy for Twitter, including a content strategy
  • Explain how to use hashtags to increase visibility
  • Increase the number of your followers organically and target specific profiles of followers
  • Tweet on your behalf
  • Explain how and when to drive traffic to your website
  • Ensure you are set up correctly for notifications about activity on your account
  • Set up your account and profile or review your existing presence
  • Explain how, what and why to pin and the etiquette around repinning other's content
  • Repin and create pins on your behalf
  • Increase the number of your followers organically and target specific profiles of followers
  • Explain how and when to drive traffic to your website
If you're struggling with social media, we'll get your business set up properly on the platforms of your choice and start you off with content and advice for the first month
  • Set up your account or review your existing account
  • Agree your strategy for Instagram, including a content strategy
  • Explain how to use hashtags to increase visibility
  • Create content and post on your behalf in the first month
  • Increase the number of your followers organically and target specific profiles of followers
  • Explain how and when to drive traffic to your website
  • Set up a company page or refresh your existing one
  • Agree your strategy for LinkedIn, including a content strategy and how to draw people to your page
  • Post on your behalf in the first month
  • Explain how and when to drive traffic to your website
  • Set up your Google My Business account or review your existing account
  • Link your account to your Google Analytics, Adword and Webmaster accounts, or set these up too
  • Explain how and when to drive traffic to your website

One month of unlimited support starts from just £150, depending on the number of platforms​
This package includes the following:
An Initial Audit & Training:
We'll get to know your business and understand what's important to you. We'll audit your current social media activity & identify key areas to focus on and develop further. 
We will work together to develop and build a content strategy.
You'll receive training to fill any skills gaps.
We'll then make initial recommendations for critical steps to succeed, including key objectives.
Three Months of Unlimited Support & Advice:
For a three month period, you'll have access to unlimited support and advice whenever you need it.
A Final Review:
At the end of the period, we'll come back in to assess activity, and suggest a strategic plan to keep your business moving forward independently.
Our three month turbo package starts from just £250, depending on requirements​
If you need to give your social media activity a significant boost, then this package gives you all the tools you need for rapid success
Two levels of service to choose from:
Fully Managed Service
  • We can manage all of your content, including keeping your website up to date if necessary
  • We will generate stories that are relevant to your industry
  • We will monitor all of your channels for you and identify issues
  • We will respond to issues, queries, comments and complaints
  • We will generate bespoke analytics and take necessary action to make improvements
Collaborative Service
  • You keep us informed about events, news, awards and what's going on within your business
  • We'll manage all posts from the information you've given us
  • We'll optimise these posts across different platforms
  • We'll work with you to generate other content that's relevant to your industry/area
Our monthly service starts from just £50 per month, depending on requirements​
Our managed services include content curation, social listening, customer engagement and issue resolution
Image & Reputation Management from Social Media Business Solutions
The internet is the first place most potential customers or clients will go to find information about you and your business. What they find will form their initial and probably lasting impression.
We will work with you to ensure that all aspects of your digital image are as effective, engaging and helpful as they can be.
We manage everything from keeping your website updated with your latest news, to generating and sharing stories across your social media channels. We'll ensure your social media profiles are fully optimised, grow your social reach and increase traffic to your website.
This comprehensive service starts from just £100 per month, depending on requirements​
Your image is a valuable asset, both your company brand and your personal profile 
Social proof is more persuasive than marketing